How to Help

  1. Emergency Food Relief Program
  2. Sponsor a Senior
  3. NEPA Response Fund

Our community is facing an unprecedented need for emergency food support with the COVID-19 pandemic. Please consider making a donation of any amount to help feed neighbors, friends and family. We will be distributing funds across all of the county to serve as many people as possible. We will help supply emergency food providers including, but not limited to, the Wayne County Pantry Program, The Cooperage Project and various churches and community groups that are providing our community with food and pantry items. 

Your donation will be used to help purchase and distribute food and supplies. All donations can be made online  or by sending a check to the Wayne County Community Foundation; 214 9th Street, Honesdale, PA. All donations are tax-deductible and will be used to purchase food to be given to those in need. 

We have an incredibly generous county that understands the value of community. Please consider making a donation today!  No donation is too small, or too big. Together, we can work to ensure that no one goes hungry during these difficult times. 

Donate to the Wayne County Emergency Food Relief Fund