Our Approach

A broad, county-sponsored, community-based collaboration focused on the projects, reWayne Tomorrowsources, and infrastructure needed to move Wayne County, its people, its culture and its economy into a vibrant future.

The ecosystem model  represents the way Wayne County does business. For every project, mission, client or organization, Wayne Tomorrow! engages all facets of success:

  • What technology is required to support it?
  • What human capital is necessary?
  • What infrastructure does it rely on or contribute?
  • What technical, financial, intellectual or infrastrctural support may be needed?
  • How does it contribute to our sustainability, and quality of life and place?

A graphic showing the elements of the Wayne Tomorrow business and entrepreneurial support ecosytem.

“There are a lot of nice places in the world and this is one of them. We have an obligation to make it the best we can."

-- former Wayne County Commissioner Wendell Kay

Next Generation

After five years of working together to take a long, hard look at where we were and where we might want to be, Wayne Tomorrow! and its Work Groups and Action Committee laid bare the restraints -- those things that are standing in the way. These are things like housing and transportation, but also the people and the money to make good things happen in Wayne County.

Moving forward, Wayne Tomorrow! focuses on addressing those issues directly through a series of Task Forces, drilling down into the issues impacting affordable housing, the lack of public transportation, the means of funding entrepreneurial endeavors, and training and preparing the people who will build the economy of the future.

It's all part of the effort to build an ecosystem for prosperity that supports people and their ideas for economic and cultural growth and improvement. 

To do this, WT! adopts a change management approach to maintain a healthy balance between 1) the need for a vibrant economy, 2) a sustainable community that attracts people and businesses with diverse opportunities, and 3) the infrastructure to support the needs of a modern society.

Wayne Tomorrow! relies on the talents, knowledge and expertise of the men and women who call Wayne County home, be it full time or seasonal. WT! represents a new way of operating, in which many, diverse organizations and individuals work together to support programs and projects that ultimately strengthen our communities. 

By working together, we create opportunities for community development and economic growth that can transform Wayne County.

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