1. Goal 1
  2. Goal 2
  3. Goal 3
  4. Goal 4

Wayne County has a vibrant, progressive business climate and sustainable economy that attains parity with state averages of leading economic indicators.


Strategies include:

  • Assist existing businesses in attaining their growth potential
  • Attract higher-wage industries, including technology-led business development.
  • Attract increased investment to Wayne County in order to retain and generate jobs
  • Collaborate with the Wayne Pike Workforce Alliance (WPWA) to ensure the availability of a skilled workforce to strengthen our existing businesses and attract new investment.
  • Develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem that provides a structure for business development that is adaptive, integrated, and forward-thinking
  • Encourage and support an entrepreneurial culture within the County
  • Ensure that enabling infrastructure is developed to meet business opportunities, including ready-to-go sites, telecommunication networks, utilities and transportation resources