Welcome to Wayne County

Local GovernmentA map of the Wayne County municipalities with the zoned communities highlighted in blue.

Wayne County is made up of 28 municipalities – six boroughs and 22 townships. Most of the local legislative power, like the ability to adopt ordinances aimed at promoting the health and safety of its residents, lays at the local level. They also have the power to set local budgets and the property tax levy to fund them. Boroughs are run by councils of seven and the townships by a board of three supervisors. They are also responsible for the care and maintenance of public, non-state roads in their jurisdiction. Rules, regulations, permitting, tax rates and more are set at the municipal level and vary throughout the county, so knowing which municipality you reside in is key to knowing the local laws.

Local government contact information is available online.


Wayne County is home to outstanding public schools with the Wayne Highlands, Western Wayne and Wallenpaupack Area School District covering most of the county.

The Future Ready PA Index offers a dashboard of measurements to help families compare the performance of public schools on the state assessments an d other parameters. 

The Commonwealth also provides a  web-based tool for locating Child Care & Early Learning Programs.