Community Hubs Task Force

Community Hubs are locations that can strengthen communities by providing opportunities for social interaction, increasing access to resources and utilizing more county-wide facilities. The Community Development Assessment identified Community Hubs as a way to build stronger social capital and opportunities.

The Action Committee suggested several topics/goals to consider:

  • Consider what needs can be filled by Community Hubs and ways to address the needs of all groups -- home schoolers, senior citizens, etc.;An image of the Farmers Market at The Cooperage Project with a woman selling artisan breads and bake
  • Identify the key people and organizations that should be involved and find ways to partner with them;
  • Find ways to connect existing programs or activities in different geographic areas to make them more accessible (resource guide, video links, standardized programming, visiting groups?);
  • Identify gaps both within the community hub network and within the greater neighborhood and how these elements affect opportunities within our communities.