Our Approach

A broad, county-sponsored, community-based collaboration focused on the projects, reWayne Tomorrowsources, and infrastructure needed to move Wayne County, its people, its culture and its economy into the 21st Century.

A graphic showing the elements of the Wayne Tomorrow business and entrepreneurial support ecosytem.

“There are a lot of nice places in the world and this is one of them. We have an obligation to make it the best we can."

-- Wayne County Commissioner Wendell Kay

Next Generation

This group identified key elements to focus on as individual components and as interrelated topics, and formed Working Groups to look more closely at: Agriculture, Business and Economic Development, Workforce and Education, Quality of Life and Sustainable Communities. These issue-focused work groups represent the key elements of the entrepreneurial ecosystem -- the pillars that support local innovation and long-term business growth & prosperity.

Wayne Tomorrow! seeks to build a robust multi-faceted economic and cultural ecosystem to effectively address and provide opportunities for improvements and advancements. This new ecosystem creates a foundation for ensuring improved conditions of prosperity now and into the future. 

To do this, WT! will follow a change management approach to maintain a healthy balance between the need for a vibrant economy, a community that attracts population and business growth with diverse opportunities, and infrastructure to support the needs of 21st century society.

A graphic showing the relationship between the Wayne Tomorrow Coordinating and Action Committees and

Wayne Tomorrow! relies on the talents, knowledge and expertise of the men and women who call Wayne County home, be it full time or seasonal. WT! represents a new way of operating, in which many, diverse organizations and individuals work together to support programs and projects that ultimately strengthen our communities. 

By working together, we create opportunities for community development and economic growth that can transform Wayne County.

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